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Joshua Lenartowicz

Apart from being Australia’s highest ranked Professional Bodybuilder (competing with the best bodies on the planet), a record-breaking powerlifter, a former world champion and previous successful Health Club Owner, Josh Lenartowicz is also a highly-respected Trainer, Coach, Educator and Presenter, working with individuals, teams and organisations empowering them to explore their potential, overcome barriers (mental, emotional and physical), perform at their best and create authentic and lasting change.

While most 130 kilogram muscular men might intimidate, Josh is a gentle giant who connects, engages and inspires easily. He is a results-focused Educator and Coach and someone who operates with integrity, honesty and a refreshing level of real-world practicality.

Joshua is the only bodybuilder to compete successfully at a world class standard in both the International Natural Bodybuilding Association and the International Federation of Bodybuilding, he is currently one of the highest ranking professional bodybuilders in the world and coaches a variety of people from corporates to champion athletes. Joshua credits the majority of success to his exercise strategy and explanation which many other champions now use, this training system is proven through the study of progressive overload and injury prevention.

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What do You get?

  • A wide variety of bodybuilding exercises explained in depth Through short videos coached and corrected by Joshua Lenartowicz;
  • Training philosophies developed by Joshua Lenartowicz to fit into your liefstyle with 3 - 6 days systems;
  • Workout routines designed by Joshua Lenartowicz to create symmetry in undeveloped physiques;
  • Weekly updates with technique teaching;
  • Josh´s 8 principles for muscle growth and body fat reduction;
  • Live footage from training sessions each month with Q&A;
  • Join thousands of others from around the world working out as Josh trains in real time, explaining exercises and answering questions;
  • An inside view of the life and mindset of an Olympian



This is the opportunity to have a program designed specifically for your unique self by a leader in the field. You will receive a training system for 8-12 week (individualised to your physique) …


Fresh from placing Top 10 at the 2016 Mr. Olympia, Josh Lenartowicz is providing a unique opportunity for ten people who want to be personally coached and mentored by an IFBB Pro. It works like this…


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road to the olympia mini series

Watch this 9 part video series where Josh gives you an insight into his preparation leading up to the 2016 Mr Olympia contest and a top 10 finish!

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