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About Me

Joshua Lenartowicz

Apart from being Australia’s highest ranked Professional Bodybuilder (competing with the best bodies on the planet), a record-breaking powerlifter, a former world champion and previous successful Health Club Owner, Josh Lenartowicz is also a highly-respected Trainer, Coach, Educator and Presenter, working with individuals, teams and organisations empowering them to explore their potential, overcome barriers (mental, emotional and physical), perform at their best and create authentic and lasting change.

While most 130 kilogram muscular men might intimidate, Josh is a gentle giant who connects, engages and inspires easily. He is a results-focused Educator and Coach and someone who operates with integrity, honesty and a refreshing level of real-world practicality.

Joshua is the only bodybuilder to compete successfully at a world class standard in both the International Natural Bodybuilding Association and the International Federation of Bodybuilding Professionals, he is currently one of the highest ranking professional bodybuilders in the world and coaches a variety of people from corporates to champion athletes. Joshua credits the majority of success to his exercise strategy and explanation which many other champions now use, this training system is proven through the study of progressive overload and injury prevention.

Contest History

2004 INBA 1st place Jr Mr Melbourne.

2004 INBA 1st place Overall Mr Melbourne.

2005 INBA 1st place Jr Mr Victoria.

2005 INBA 1st place Jr Mr Australia.

2006 INBA 1st place Open Mr Victoria.

2006 INBA 1st place Overall Mr Victoria.

2006 INBA best posing routine.

2006 INBA 2nd place Open Mr Australia.

2006 INBA 2nd place Mr Olympia.

2009 CAPO Deadlift champion.

2009 National Deadlift record holder.

2013 IFBB 1st place heavy weight champion FITX.

2013 IFBB 1st place super heavy weight Mr Australasia.

2013 South Pacific championships guest poser.

2014 IFBB 1st place all states pro qualifier (received pro card).

2014 IFBB highest placed Aussie at Australian Pro show 8th place.

2015 Arnold qualifier quest poser.

2015 top professional Australian representative at the very first Arnold Classic Australia 9th place.

2015 1st place IFBB San marino pro show.

2015 1st place IFBB Lou Ferrigno legacy in Palm springs USA (made Australian bodybuilding history by winning back to back pro shows).

2016 Guest poser Yokoda airbase Japan.

2016 2nd place IFBB Kevin Levrone classic in Gdansk Poland.

2016 3rd place IFBB Arnold classic Ohio USA.

2016 4th place IFBB Arnold classic Australia.

2016 Mr. Olympia Debut top 10, 9th place and highest placed olympia rookie.

2016 6th place Arnold classic Europe Barcelona Spain.

2016 9th place Kuwait pro show.

2016 7th place Prague pro show Czech republic.

2016 Guest poser IFBB state titles.

2017 1st place Tampa Pro.

2017 Mr. Olympia 9th place.

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