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Individualised Programs

This is the opportunity to have a program designed specifically for your unique self by a leader in the field. You will receive a training system for 8-12 week (individualised to your physique) as well as a supplement and eating guide to assist in achieving your goal. Joshua Lenartowicz is the only bodybuilder to compete successfully in both the INBA and IFBB federations, he is currently ranked in the top 10 bodybuilders on the planet competing at the holy grail of competitions the Mr Olympia. Josh credits the majority of success to his training programs and understands the importance of individualised program prescription.

There is not one program to fit everybody as it’s rare to find a physique that is symmetrically identical to another person, some coaches use cut and paste systems which will achieve a result but can create imbalances in symmetry. All programs are designed by Joshua Lenartowicz and are completely individualised, he will gather as much information as needed to provide the best service to you, he will take into account the differences in your physique and lifestyle to create balance so you can progress in a manageable way.

Investment – $497AUD


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